Oct 31 2008

Be on News

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Sokuho (速報) is a monthly bulletin published by University of Tsukuba. It conveys news about various activities held by the University such as academic related activities, researches, achievements by academicians, extra-curricular activities, social activities, and many others.

IT demonstration event, in which I participated to show my research project, was held on October 11, 2008. The event showed many interesting system development projects, which are currently being conducted by students in Computer Science major, with posters as well as prototypes of application systems. Below, the Sokuho wrote about the event.

Last month, I participated in an International Database Forum in Fukushima. It was a fortune for three of us that our research papers were selected to win some awards. Please, read the Sokuho below if you really want to know about the awards.

Well, you may frequently visit this web site to read current activities around the University.