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Sep 16 2010

Award from DEIM 2010

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Imam Machdi氏, 天笠俊之准教授,北川博之教授がDEIM2010最優秀論文賞を受賞

Imam Machdi氏,天笠俊之准教授,北川博之教授が,第2回データ工学と情報マネジメントに関するフォーラム(DEIM2010)にて行った「Task Parallelism for TwigStack Algorithm on a Multi-core System 」と題した研究発表により,DEIM2010最優秀論文賞を受賞しました.これはDEIM2010で行われた287件の発表のうち,コメンテータからの推薦とプログラム委員会による審査によって特に優秀と認められた論文に対して贈られられるものです.

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Mar 30 2009

Be on News (again)

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Although it was little late to announce, this time my name appeared on Sokuho (速報) of the University of Tsukuba as one of the award winning recipients. Our paper contribution in the International Conference on Information Integration and Web-based Applications and Services held in Linz, Austria in November last year was awarded as one of the best student paper.
Please, find out what the news says.
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Oct 31 2008

Be on News

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Sokuho (速報) is a monthly bulletin published by University of Tsukuba. It conveys news about various activities held by the University such as academic related activities, researches, achievements by academicians, extra-curricular activities, social activities, and many others.
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Sep 02 2008

New Browser Release

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Yesterday Google indicated through a comic book that Google seems releasing a new open source web browser soon. The browser called Google Chrome will be based on the Webkit rendering engine. Google states that they believe it has added values for users and helps drive innovation on the web. The browser is said to be simple, streamlined, clean, and fast.

Google Chrome is claimed to have some features that other browsers do not have.

  • It includes a new JavaScript engine called V8.
  • Special tabs are put above the window, not below the address bar.
  • It has an auto-completion address bar.
  • Upon launch, Opera-like “Speed Dial” with bookmarks of most visited web sites is seen.
  • It has a privacy mode that allows users to surf the Internet without saving any personal history.
  • Web applications can be launched in their own window without addressbar/toolbar.

More details about Google Chrome are explained in the comic book, the update information is available in the Official Google Blog, and Chrome beta version is ready for download.

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Jul 26 2008

Joint Stamp Issue 2008

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Joint Stamp Issue Commemorative the 50th Anniversary of Indonesia-Japan Diplomatic Relationship

This year the diplomatic relations between Indonesia and Japan commemorates its 50th anniversary. The diplomatic relations between Indonesia and Japan started in 1958, marked by the designation of peace agreement between The Republic of Indonesia and Japan. During the 50 years both countries have been expanding their cooperation and friendship not only in economic, but also in culture, education and in other fields.
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