Design and Evaluation of Signature File Organization Incorporating Vertical and Horizontal Decomposition Schemes

Hiroyuki Kitagawa (Institute of Information Sciences and Electronics, University of Tsukuba),
Noriyasu Watanabe (Doctoral Degree Program in Engineering, University of Tsukuba),
Yoshiharu Ishikawa (Graduate Institute of Information Science, Nara Institute of Sciece and Technology)

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Signature files are known as promising facilities to speed up accesses to large information repositories in database and information retrieval systems. This paper presents a new signature file organization method, named Partitioned Frame-Sliced Signature File (P-FSSF), and studies its performance. P-FSSF incorporates both vertical and horizontal decomposition schemes to reduce page accesses required to look up signatures. In addition, P-FSSF is flexible enough to have its concrete organization tuned to real application environments. We develop formulas to estimate the retrieval cost of P-FSSF in the context of the general set-valued object retrieval. Also, formulas to tell the update and storage costs are derived. Then, the processing cost of P-FSSF is shown to be lower than the other existing signature file organizations in general. We also show that Partitioned Bit-Sliced Signature File (P-BSSF), which is a special case of P-FSSF, is appropriate organization in most probable cases through the study of the optimal parameter values for P-FSSF.

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