Development and Performance Analysis of a Temporal Persistent Object Store POST/C++

Takayuki Suzuki (Doctoral Degree Program in Engineering, University of Tsukuba),
Hiroyuki Kitagawa (Institute of Information Sciences and Electronics, University of Tsukuba)

Proc. of 7th Australasian Database Conference (ADC'96), Melbourne, Australia, Jan. 1996.

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ODBMSs are used in advanced database applications to manage complex objects and objects that have associated inherent procedures. Some of the applications also require temporal and historical information management in the context of such object management. In this paper, we first discuss a temporal persistent object model that treats past states of persistent objects as objects. This model supports uniform manipulation of current and past states of objects. Then, we describe design and implementation of a temporal persistent object management system, named POST/C++. POST/C++ persistently stores C++-based objects and manages their histories of updates by user transactions based on the temporal persistent object model. Implementation of the first version of POST/C++ has been completed on Sun OS 4.1.2. Finally, we show performance analysis of POST/C++ using the extended OO1 benchmark, and discuss basic performance issues on our design and implementation.